Encompass LATC LTD
Wholly owned by the London Borough of Sutton

We deliver a wide range of services including Advice and Information, Homelessness Prevention, Choice Based Lettings, Landlord Services, Support Brokerage, Shared Lives, Business Development and Support, and Digital Innovation.

Our company structure chart can be viewed here.

If you would like to discuss ways in which Encompass could help your organisation achieve its goals please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

LATCs are bodies that are free to operate as commercial companies but remain wholly owned by the parent local authority, in our case The London Borough of Sutton. As a trading body, Encompass can provide services to a much wider market than a council department – and, crucially, we can generate income which can be ploughed back into the LATC itself or the wider council, contributing to the protection of front line services.

Local Government is facing unprecedented financial challenges, cuts to funding mean that we have to do more with less. Many of the services that Encompass provides are statutory services, our service users are among the most vulnerable in society and we want to continue to offer good quality services that protect and enhance the wellbeing of those we provide services for.

We also want to ensure that Council Tax payers and the Council achieve the best value for money at a time of significant austerity and rapidly increasing demand – getting the most out of a reducing budget to achieve sustainability. As a local authority trading company Encompass is now able to be as flexible, adaptable and commercially efficient as our independent sector counterparts.