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Private Sector Leasing Scheme

  • A lease of five years
  • Rental payments that commence within 48 hours of the property being ready
  • Guaranteed rental income for the period the property is leased - even if the property is empty
  • No introduction/admin fee for renting your property
  • A sole point of contact for any queries
  • Guaranteed vacant possession at the end of the term of the lease
The rent your property attracts depends on several factors such as bed size and location.
At the moment, we are predominantly looking for unfurnished (with the exception of white goods) two, three and four bedroom properties. However, our property needs could vary over time. we will generally consider flats, houses and/or maisonettes, with or without gardens. To be considered for the PSL scheme, you will need to meet certain criteria.
It will be our responsibility to provide you with vacant possession of your property at the end of the lease. Should tenants refuse to leave, we will take legal action against them and bear the costs. You will continue to be paid rent until the property is handed back to you with vacant possession. We agree to return the property to you in good repair, minus fair wear and tear at the end of the lease. Our liability under this guarantee is detailed in the lease agreement.

We will carry out internal repairs to the property made necessary by any malicious damage caused by the tenant (with the exception of the landlord's repairing obligations under the terms of the lease) up to a maximum of two month's rental value.

You will be responsible for the structure of the building, external repairs and any internal repair we deem to be your responsibility. You are required to maintain your buildings insurance cover. The tenant will be responsible for everyday maintenance, including property misuse or damage.

Rent will be paid one month in advance and usually during the first week of every month. You will be required to invoice us with a purchase order number displayed; failure to do so will delay your payments.
You will not be charged any fees during the lease period. However, there may be some additional costs involved if the property does not meet the minimum standards and requires work to be carried out prior to leasing. In addition, there are some repair obligations that remain with the owner, please contact us for more information. You will also be required to pay the cost of an annual gas and electricity safety test.
The tenants living in the property will be responsible for all council tax, water and fuel bills.
Properties should preferably be unfurnished. Any chattels including carpets, floor coverings, curtains, refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, boilers and kitchen units on the premises at the commencement of the term remain the landlord's responsibility throughout the term of the lease.
No. However, the lease is a legal document so we do recommend that you consult a solicitor if you are unsure.
We can lease your property within 48 hours of it being ready. However, it all depends on how quickly you can sign the lease. If you require any further information regarding this scheme please contact the Private Sector Leasing Team on 0208 770 4110.