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Take the stress out of renting your property with our free solution

We understand the frustrations landlords often face when it comes to renting their properties.

Our letting experts provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process. We manage tenant screening, property marketing, lease agreements and ongoing property management.

We offer a free renting service and provide a cash incentive up to £3,600.

Our schemes


Private Sector Leasing (PSL)

The PSL scheme is designed to help landlords get a guaranteed regular income from their property with minimal property management.

We become the tenant.

How it works

We lease your property from you for 3 to 5 years to house local families. We manage the tenancy, meaning we’ll deal with any issues at no cost to you, and you’ll receive a steady rental income.

The rent you receive will be:

  • paid by us monthly and directly into your bank account
  • guaranteed for the duration of the lease
  • paid even if no one is living in your property

At the end of the tenancy, we’ll return your property to you with no damage beyond fair wear and tear.

Benefits for landlords

  • Cash incentives
  • Guaranteed rent
  • No letting agent or management fees
  • No loss of rental income if your property is vacant
  • No need to register deposits with TDP schemes
  • A full property management service
  • Regular property inspections
How to apply

Private Rented Accommodation

We are looking for landlords who have vacant properties and want to let them quickly.

The let will be a normal assured shorthold tenancy  (AST) agreement between the landlord and the tenant.

How it works

We match landlords with households that are in need of a place to call home.

We offer cash incentives to landlords when properties are let and support tenants to fund deposits and rent in advance.

We make sure that tenants can afford the rent and landlords meet tenants before agreeing to let.

Rent is paid at the Local Housing Allowance rate and we work to ensure that tenants receive all benefit entitlements.

Benefits for landlords

  • Cash incentive
  • No letting agent or management fees
  • Choice of tenant
  • Low void period
How to apply

Register at

Cash deposit
Choice of tenant
Deposit guarantee
Guaranteed rent
Property management

Cash incentive

Rental amount
Tenancy length
Private Rented Accommodation

Up to £3,600

Local Housing Allowance rates


6/12/24 months

Private Sector Leasing

Up to £2,000

Subject to valuation

London Borough of Sutton

3 to 5 years

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Find your own

This scheme is available for existing Encompass tenants to source their own property to let. Subject to eligibility, we can support with the first month’s rent and a cash deposit or deposit guarantee.

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